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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you do in Restorative Yoga anyway?

In my Restorative Stations open class, I set up the room before hand. I set up 3-5 stations. I like to include a forward fold, a twist, an inversion and at least one heart-center opener. Each person will get to experience each pose. I time each posture and direct the students on when to switch sides and when to come out. Before class starts I demonstrate each pose: how to get in, how to make adjustments for maximum comfort, what pose to take if the one offered is not available to you, and how to get out again. To see an example of a class flow plan click here.

Can someone who has never done yoga before do Restorative yoga?

Yes. You do not have to have any yoga experience to try Restorative yoga. Look at the poses page to see how much support Restorative yoga offers you.

What if I am really stiff?

Perfect. Restorative supports you where ever you are with blocks, blankets, bolsters, pillows and any other prop you need to be comfortable enough to relax into the pose.

Is there anybody who shouldn't do Restorative yoga?

There are some contraindications:
~ Degenerative bone disease: any pose that puts pressure on the spine
~ Pregnancy: modify some poses after 3 months
~ No inversions if: hiatal hernia, retinal problems, glaucoma, migraines, heart problems,
neck problem, infection in the head, menstruation

How long do you stay in a pose?

In my open classes, each pose is held around 6-10 minutes with 1-2 minutes allocated on each end of the pose for students to transfer to another station and get themselves set up. After everyone has done each pose we take a long Savasana (final resting position) with tons of props: bolsters under the knees, neck and wrists, maybe an eye pillow, anything that will allow your body complete ease, and then we do a deep relaxation exercise.

Do I have to wear anything special?

You don't have to wear anything special but it's best to wear something warm, cozy and stretchy.

Do I have to bring any props?

Most studios will provide props but sometimes you should bring additional blankets, especially if you tend toward being cold.

How long is a class and how much does it cost?

Most classes run from 60-90 minutes. Prices vary from studio to studio.

Private sessions are 60-90 minutes. Price: $65-$90.

Corporate classes are available and are priced according to length and location of session or workshop.

Do you teach anything else?

Yes. I teach Yin, Hatha, Inner Core, Deep Relaxation / iRest, and Soma Yoga. For more information see my about, classes, or schedule page.

Do you travel to teach workshops or other classes?

Yes, I do occasionaly travel and teach. If you are interested in hosting a workshop please contact me. To see what I offer visit my workshops page and to see reviews of my teaching visit my reviews page.